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Issue #1
Case Closed or Posner Exposed?


Our first issue takes a look at Gerald Posner and his 1993 book Case Closed. Mr. Posner and his book were embraced by the media and received enormous positive coverage and very little criticism in the mainstream press. Case Closed was a slick, lawyerly presentation of the lone assassin theory in the death of JFK. This is perhaps one of the worst JFK assassination books ever produced. It overflows with mistakes, distortions, selective presentation of evidence and surprising misrepresentations.

An entire book titled Case Open was written by the prolific assassination author Harold Weisberg which challenged many of the outrageous assertions of Case Closed. Several people Mr. Posner claimed to have interviewed say they never spoke to him. Evidence pointing to conspiracy was ignored or attacked with dubious arguments. Even arguments discredited by the Warren Commission were resurrected and presented as proof of Oswald's guilt. Read these articles and read Posner's book and judge for yourself if it is honest opinion or political propaganda.

Posner Lies To Congress: The Proof! J. Thornton Boswell Exposes Gerald Posner's Lies and Errors in a Phone Conversation with Dr. Gary Aguilar Gary Aguilarhave added sound files concerning the issue of Gerald Posner's testimony to congress regarding the views of the JFK autopsy doctor J. Thornton Boswell. See how Posner Deceives Congress by listening to sound samples of a surprising conversation Boswell had with researcher Dr. Gary Aguilar concerning Gerald Posner.

The list of articles in this issue will grow over time as we get the okay from the authors. Although most of these articles have been published previously, we are interested in any new writings that may be of interest on this topic. If you have written anything related to Mr. Posner, either pro or con, please send it to us and we will consider it for inclusion in our collection. We are interested in any feedback you may have on this issue, so, please e-mail us.

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by David Starks

It's been about six years since Gerald Posner's lone nut JFK assassination bible, Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK was first published. Here's an update on what everybody's favorite single assassination theorist the "Poz" has been up to since Case Closed was released in 1993.


by Scott Pearson

Scott Pearson gives us his observations concerning a recent issue of Skeptic magazine. Two articles served as cover stories for this issue of Skeptic Magazine, one, by Arther and Margaret Snyder arguing probable conspiracy and one by Nick Gerlich, advocating the lone-nut solution. It seems Mr. Gerlich has unfortunately fallen under the influence of Gerald Posner. Scott provides an interesting evaluation the accuracy of some of the statements in the Gerlich article.


by Wallace Milam

Wallace, once and for all, dismisses the absurd concept, advanced by lone assassin theorist Dr. John Lattimer, concerning the position of JFK's arms at a point in time allegedly just following the passing of the magic bullet through JFK's neck. This argument, (embraced by Case Closed author, Gerald Posner) which supposedly adds credence the lone assassin scenario, is shown to be completely false.


by Stewart Galanor

Stewart Galanor takes Gerald Posner to task for his blatant twisting of the evidence concerning smoke that was seen on the grassy knoll area by several witnesses at the time of the assassination of JFK. Stewart is the author of an outanding new book called Cover-up exposing the lone assassin cover story presented by our own government and the major news media. This book can be ordered from this site for a discounted price of $20.00. Visit our Electronic Assassinations Bookstore for ordering information.


Vincent Palamara

Assassination researcher Vince Palamara gives us still another example of the quality and reliability of author Gerald Posner's research methods and sources as exemplified in his anti-conspiracy minded JFK Assassination book, Case Closed. Vince, who has done extensive work on the Secret Service and other topics, shows us a typical tactic employed by Posner in his futile attempt to "close" the case.


by Russ Paielli

We are adding this article to our list to give our visitors a more basic introduction which provides a brief overview of the case and how Gerald Posner has distorted some of the issues that are central to understanding the assassination. While other articles on this Web site may go into more detail on specific examples, we feel Russ adds a valuable simple and direct take on Posner and his book, Case Closed.


by Barb Junkkarinen

This is a new addition from Barb Junkkarinen, one of the JFK internet news groups' most prolific contributors. Barb gives us a taste of Gerald Posner's talent for misrepresentation of witness testimony, by showing how Posner butchered the words of Marina Oswald and Wesley Frazier. She also tells us the real story behind the unusual death of Mary Sherman. Posner,in his haste to ridicule the possibility of Mary Sherman's death being suspicious, gets practically the whole thing wrong.


by Wallace Milam
This is the beginning of a new series of articles on the inaccuracies of Gerald Posner in his now infamous book Case Closed. This is part one of six articles that we have received permission to post from assassination researcher Wallace Milam. The first of the series explores key Parkland hospital doctor's statements as they were in 1963-64 as opposed to what they supposedly told Gerald Posner in interviews for Case Closed. The difference is shocking!


by Wallace Milam
Here is part two in our new series of articles from Wallace concerning the "journalistic integrity" of Gerald Posner. In this article we see how Posner tries to fool his readers into thinking there was no relationship between Lee Harvey Oswald and the ultra right-wing, intelligence-connected Guy Bannister. This article exposes Posner's weak attempt to detach Oswald from being connected with one of many US intelligence assets. Why was Lee Harvey Oswald associated with so many of these kinds of characters when Oswald was supposed to be a Marxist, leftist political animal? Why can't we find Oswald associating with any persons of his own, alleged political beliefs? Does this suggest that Lee Harvey Oswald was some type of spy, or at least a pawn, used in some way by elements of US intelligence?


by Wallace Milam
Posner really bungles the presentation of the Dealey plaza witnesses. But it's more than bungling. The endless mistakes he makes, all in support of his shaky lone assassin story, undermine the credibility of all the rest of his information presented in his book, Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK . Wallace deals with some dirty tricks Posner employed to spin the Oswald-did-it-by-himself fantasy. .

The Posner Follies Part Four - THE ROSE CHERAMIE INCIDENT

by Wallace Milam
Posner wants to debunk all of thes mysterious deaths that are rumored to have occurred over the years since JFK was murdered. Posner wants to discredit the story of Rose Cheramie, who really did predict the assassination of JFK. Posner misrepresents the question of whether she really did predict the murder. Wallace shows how Posner is dead wrong about Cheramie's warning that the President would be killed.


by Wallace Milam
Posner sure can twist the testimony to suit his need to prove the lone assassin theory's plausibility. Wallace gives us some examples of Posner's talent in distorting the facts to fit his unlikely theories. Reading the actual testimony and comparing it with what Gerald Posner says about can be shocking.

THE POSNER REPORT: A Study In Propaganda: One Hundred Errors in Gerald Posner's Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK

by David Starks
This is a summary of the documented errors in Case Closed as detailed in the following articles or found by our own research. This by no means a complete list, and we may be adding more articles dealing with other items that are incorrect in Mr. Posner's book.

One Dozen "Posnerisms"

by David Starks
This is a shorter version of the preceding article, with twelve of the most outrageous examples of errors in Case Closed and a listing of some of the techniques that Posner uses to mislead his readers.

New Information on the Autopsy Findings, The Autopsy Photographic Record and Statements of Gerald Posner on JFK's Pathologists

by Gary L. Aguilar, M.D.
Dr. Aguilar is a San Francisco area M.D. who specializes in the medical evidence and particularly the JFK autopsy materials. This piece is a paper presented at the 1994 Coalition On Political Assassinations conference. Gary examines Mr. Posner's misrepresentations concerning the autopsy doctors' descriptions of JFK's head wounds.

An Open Letter to Gerald Posner

by Gary L. Aguilar, M.D.
Dr. Aguilar challenges Gerald Posner's assertions that two of the JFK autopsy doctors recently told Posner that they've suddenly changed their opinion on the location of JFK's fatal head wound (by four inches). Mr. Posner claims to have audio tapes of his interviews with the doctors but refuses to produce them.

Letter to House Subcommittee on Legislation

by Gary L. Aguilar, M.D.
After Gerald Posner's testimony to the House of Representatives on November 17, 1993, researchers were shocked to discover the claim, by Posner, that the autopsy doctors had supposedly changed their longstanding descriptions of the location of the wound on the head of the President from low to high on the head to fit the lone assassin theory. As proof of this, Posner has recently released phone records which seem to indicate that calls were made to Boswell and Humes, the autopsy doctors. Even if we assume that Posner has indeed spoken to both men, this still leaves unproven his claim that they have changed their opinion on the wound locations. This article is reprinted from the Congressional Record.

Questioning of Dr. Robertson at hearing of Legislation and National Security Subcommitee, November 17, 1993

As Dr. Robertson was being questioned by Chairman John Conyers, Jr., Posner jumped into the questioning to say that the statement "should not be allowed." Posner then makes his incredible claim to have done new interviews with the autopsy doctors, in which they supposedly admit that their sworn report on the President's head wounds was grossly in error. Both men deny ever saying this to Posner, and he has refused for more than three years to allow anyone to hear the tapes he claims to have made of the interviews. Note that Posner tells the committee he would be happy to donate the tapes to the National Archives. Note also that he becomes flustered and is caught in a lie; he claims that he is hearing of Dr. Robertson's work for the first time but a few sentences later he knows about Robertson's submission of it to the journal Radiology. This article is reprinted from the Congressional Record.

Letter by Randolph H. Robertson, M.D. to Chairman John Conyers, Jr.

by Randolph H. Robertson, M.D
Dr. Robertson followed his testimony with this December 27, 1993 letter to Congressman Conyers. In it he cites additional eyewitness testimony to bolster his theory and calls on Gerald Posner to donate his interview tapes to the National Archives, as he told Congress he would, in order to resolve the crucial conflict in the record as to the autopsy doctors' recollection of the President's head wounds. Posner has still not come forward with these tapes to prove his contentions about his interviews with the doctors. This article is reprinted from the Congressional Record.

Prepared Statement to the House of Representatives, November 17, 1993

by Randolph H. Robertson, M.D.
Dr. Robertson presented a study of the medical evidence which concludes that JFK was killed by 2 shots to the head, one from the rear and one from the front. It brilliantly reconciles the X ray evidence of a "high" shot with the autopsy doctors' unwavering testimony that they saw and measured a "low" wound on the President's head, near the hairline in the right rear of the skull. Posner made his controversial claim to have conducted new interviews with two of the autopsy doctors in an attempt to rebut this statement as Dr. Robertson presented it to the Legislation and National Security Subcommittee of the House Committee on Government Operations. Dr. Robertson also gave testimony on his statement to the Committee on the same day. This article is reprinted from the Congressional Record.

Statement to the House of Representatives by Gerald Posner, November 17, 1993

by Gerald Posner
There is an interesting contrast in the warm reception that Conyers extends to Gerald Posner and the challenging tone he uses with Dr. Robertson. This article is reprinted from the Congressional Record.

A review of Gerald Posner, Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK

by Peter Dale Scott, Ph.D.
Dr. Scott examines Posner's treatment of Jack Ruby's organized crime links and Oswald's whereabouts at the time of the shooting, among other issues. He is the author of Deep Politics and the Death of JFK (University of California Press, 1993) and Deep Politics II: Essays on Oswald, Mexico & Cuba.

Gerald Posner Closes the Case

by James R. Folliard
Is Case Closed the definitive history of the Kennedy assassination or just another contribution to the mountain of bad writing on that event? Folliard carefully examines Posner's methodology in three critical areas; the testimony concerning the bag in which Oswald allegedly transported the gun, the location of the wound in JFK's back, and the "psychological" profile of Lee Harvey Oswald. He concludes that Case Closed is a "fatally flawed, intellectually dishonest effort," unworthy of the praise that was heaped on it by the major media. This article was originally published in the November, 1993 issue of The Fourth Decade. (See below under the Dr. Rose article description for subscription information.)

Letter to the Editor of Federal Bar News and Journal

by Gary L. Aguilar, M.D.
In response to George Costello's review of Case Closed in the March-April 1994 Federal Bar News and Journal Dr. Aguilar wrote this letter, which contains new information on key witness James Tague, whose face was cut by a bullet or fragment which struck a nearby curb. Tague claims that Posner misrepresented his opinion on which shot struck him, and does not recall talking to Mr. Posner at all.

Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK by Gerald Posner: A Preliminary Critique - Part 1

by Martin Shackelford
The Investigator devoted the entire August-September 1993 issue to Shackeleford's cover-to-cover notes. Through exhaustive footnotes, he demonstrates how Posner simply ignores any and all evidence in the record which contradicts his "findings." We present the entire special issue in four parts.

Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK by Gerald Posner: A Preliminary Critique - Part 2

by Martin Shackelford

Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK by Gerald Posner: A Preliminary Critique - Part 3

by Martin Shackelford

Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK by Gerald Posner: A Preliminary Critique - Part 4

by Martin Shackelford

What a (small) Difference a Year Makes: The "corrected" paperback edition of Case Closed

A followup by Martin Shackelford
One year after the publication of Case Closed, Random House issued the "revised and updated" paperback version. Those who expected Posner to address or correct the many documented errors in his original were in for a disappointment. This article originally appeared int the August-September 1994 issue of The Investigator

WIND and GUNSMOKE (A Deception in Gerald Posner's "Case Closed")

by Michael M. Dworetsky
The smell of gunsmoke on Elm Street immediately after the shots was an important confirmation that at least some of the shooting came from the western end of Dealey Plaza. Michael Dworetsky of the Department of Physics & Astronomy, University College, London, details Posner's extremely dubious use of testimony to try to make it appear that the smoke could have come from the Texas School Book Depository. In fact, the evidence is conclusive that the wind direction, from the west/southwest, rules out the TSBD as the source of the smoke.

The Deadly Smirk and Other Inventions

by Jerry D. Rose, Ph.D.
Dr. Jerry Rose has a Ph.D. in sociology and produces The Fourth Decade research journal on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This article and others we will be posting were originally published in The Fourth Decade. You can subscribe to this scholarly publication for $25 per year, $45 for two years or $65 for three years. Send to The Fourth Decade, State University College, Fredonia, New York 14063. Also you can obtain the Proceedings of the Research Conference of the Fourth Decade in book form, (342 pages), for $20. This article was originally published in the November, 1993 issue.

Affidavit of Roger McCarthy, CEO of Failure Analysis Associates

by Roger McCarthy
Gerald Posner leaves readers of Case Closed with the false impression (without actually stating) it that Failure Analysis Associates did 3D computer graphic studies of the assassination for his book. He did nothing to correct this in either his U.S. News and World Report article or in his promotional activities at the time his book was released. He also does not mention that there were studies done for the defense in the American Bar Association's mock trial of Lee Harvey Oswald in 1992 or that there was a split verdict of 7 jurors to convict and 5 to acquit. Here is Roger McCarthy's sworn statement to clarify this issue.

The Wandering Wounds

by Millicent Cranor
On the crucial issue of the Parkland doctors' descriptions of JFK's head wounds, Posner misrepresents the medical evidence. Originally published in The Fourth Decade, March 1994. (See the Dr. Rose article description for subscription information.) This article was revised November of 1996.

Case Closed Opens Old Wounds

by William E. Kelly
Posner did get a few things right. Kelly discusses the new leads in Case Closed. This article was originally published in the March, 1994 issue of The Fourth Decade. (See the Dr. Rose article description for subscription information.)

Posner in New Orleans... Gerry in Wonderland

by James DiEugenio
An early article critical of Case Closed, by the author of Destiny Betrayed: JFK, Cuba & the Garrison Case. Jim is also the Chairman of Citizens for Truth about the Kennedy Assassination. Mr. DiEugenio explores Posner's analysis of the New Orleans aspects of the assassination of JFK. Originally published in the assassination magazine Dateline Dallas.

You Can't Close A Case If You Can't Count

by Walt Brown
Brown, the author of The People v. Lee Harvey Oswald, demonstrates just how little time the Warren Commissioners actually put into their task. This article was originally published in the July, 1994 issue of The Fourth Decade. (See the Dr. Rose article description for subscription information.)

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