Chicago Assassination Politics Conference Videos: JFK, RFK and MLK Ray

1993 Chicago Assassination Politics Conference Videos

There have been many conferences held through the years concerning the American political assassinations of the 60s. Held in Chicago on April 1-4, 1993, the Second Annual Midwest Symposium on Assassination Politics featured one of the most impressive groups of experts ever assembled.

Because of the Oliver Stone film JFK, there was a great renewal of interest in the 1963 murder of the President of the United States. Authors, medical experts, researchers and actual participants in the official government investigations all came together to present information on and discuss the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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The Second Annual
Midwest Symposium on Assassination Politics
April 1-4, 1993, Chicago, Illinois
A national conference on the political violence of the 60s and the public inquests into the murders of JFK, RFK and MLK
A list of participants:
Gary Aguilar, M.D.         George D. Lundberg, M.D.   Peter Dale Scott, Ph.D.
Daniel Alcorn, J.D.        David Mantik, M.D. Ph.D.   Wayne S. Smith, Ph.D.
Robert R. Artwohl, M.D.    Philip H. Melanson, Ph.D.  Dee D. Smith-Simmons
James A. DiEugenio         Marc Micozzi, M.D. Ph.D.   Eugene Sturges, J.D.  
Roger Feinman, J.D.        Wallace Milam              Anthony Summers  
Gaeton J. Fonzi            Robert Morrow              Robert Tannenbaum, J.D.  
Jack Gordon, Ed.D.         John M. Newman, Ph.D.      Josiah Thompson, Ph.D.
Judge Burt W. Griffin      Carl Oglesby               William Turner 
Paul L. Hoch Ph.D.         Michael Parenti, Ph.D.     Cyril H. Wecht, M.D. J.D.
John Judge                 Jerry Policoff             Michael H. West, D.D.S.
Robert Blair Kaiser        Jerry Rose, Ph.D.          Leslie Wizelman J.D.  
John Latimer, M.D. Sc.D.   Jane Rusconi               Mark Zaid, J.D. 
James H. Lesar, J.D.       Dick Russell  
David S. Lifton            Gus Russo 
Edwin J. Lopez J.D.        David E. Scheim, Ph.D.

Program 1 - Single Tape - $20.00 - 1hr 54min
Keynote speech by Carl Oglesby and Press Conference - Gordon/Summers/Lesar/Judge/Simmons/Tanenbaum/Fonzi/Turner/Newman

Program 2 - Single Tape - $20.00 - 1hr 45min
Researchers's Workshop: Exploring the Hidden Record - Panel 1 - Lesar/Hoch/Russell/Rose/Zaid

Program 3 - Single Tape - $20.00 - 1 hr 56min
Researchers' Workshop: Exploring the Hidden Record - Panel 2 - Judge/Newman/Scott/Russo/DiEugenio

Program 4 - Two Tapes - $25.00 - 3hrs 2min
Reopening the Investigation: Issues and Strategies -

Program 5 - Two Tapes - $25.00 - 2hrs 38min
Circumstantial vs. Admissible Evidence of Conspiracy -
Program 6 - Two Tapes - $25.00 - 2hrs 5min
US Intelligence: Assessing its' Role - Panel 1 -

Program 7 - Two Tapes - $25.00 - 2hrs 40min
US Intelligence: Assessing its' Role - Panel 2 -

Program 8 - Two Tapes - $25.00 - 2hrs 39min
Media Politics: What We Can Do and What We Can Expect -

Program 9 - Single Tape - $20.00 - 2hrs 4min
The Robert F. Kennedy Case -

Program 10 - Two Tapes - $25.00 - 4hrs 6min
The John F. Kennedy Case: Two Views of the Medical Evidence - Lundberg/Latimer/West/Micozzi/Artwohl/Milam/Lifton/Mantik/Aguilar/Feinman/Wecht

Program 11 - Two Tapes - $25.00 - 3hrs 13min
Our Public Inquests: A Look Back and Ahead - Fonzi/Wizelman/Lopez/Melanson/Griffin/Tanenbaum

Program 12 - Single Tape - $20.00 - 1hr 32min
Dinner Speeches -

Program 13 - Single Tape - $20.00 - 1hr 45min
The Life and Death of Martin Luther King -

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